Stove for Jebena

stove for Jebena
stove for Jebena

Since Jebena has a rounded bottom, it is important to use the right kind of stove to get it stand. Gas stoves with top burner grates are the best choice; however, extra caution is required while using an eclectic coil or smooth top stoves.  This is the one that I use at home and it is the best one that I found. It actually is designed for Jebena. However, there are several other kinds of small table top electric coil stoves that will work also.

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    1. Hi Dear,
      I am so sorry for the delay response; I was out of the country for a while due to a family emergency.The stove in the picture can be found at Ethiopian grocery store in the US. I am in the process of making the materials available via my site in the future. However, if you don’t live in the US or can’t find them in your state, I would be very happy to help you get it. Please email me at

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