Why roast at home?

Roasting is the heart of the coffee making process that turns coffee into the fragrant that we love. Green Coffee beans can be stored for a long time without losing their quality, but coffee loses freshness shortly after being roasted so it is best to consume soon after roasting that is why roasting at home is crucial. You probably are thinking that you don’t have time for that, I get it; I am very busy too with a 9-5 job and two kids, but I still make time to roast. At least, once a week is doable; give yourself a special treat; you deserve it. The aroma and flavor that is stored in the beans are unlocked when coffee is roasted and roasting coffee is going to be an amazing experience. So, get some green coffee beans and give it a try and trust me you will love doing it all the time.

Roasting coffee at home is very easy since the quantity is very small and no special tool is required. Roasting in small quantities gives control over the desired type of roast you want. Industries have four different roasting categories; light, medium, medium-dark, and dark. You can roastroast coffee at home
your coffee to your liking since a perfect roast is a personal preference, but according to my biased
opinion, medium roast is the best category. Darker roast to me has pronounced bitterness and I don’t enjoy it. I have been making coffee at home from the scratch since I was seven years old and all this years medium is a given for me. Of course, when I was young, several times I have roasted coffee too dark by mistake and my mom would know exactly what had happened just by looking at the cup of coffee I give her and she would not take a sip. I have learned my lesson in a hard way because I had to remake the coffee for her every time when the roast is darker.  Let us get to the task and you must start with quality beans to make the best coffee that you are longing for, so go get some quality beans.

Here is what you need:

  • Green coffee beans
  • Small Aluminum flat bottomed frying Pan
  • Spatula or fork
  • or small straight sided Aluminum saucepan. (I actually use a special coffee roasting shallow pan called “Mankeshkesha”)
  •  A Stove

Steps of roasting (see video for demonstration)

  1. Wash the beans with warm water until there is no more husk coming off of the beans.
  2. Place the coffee either on the flat bottomed pan, set the heat to medium, and stir them constantly with the spatula or the fork or use the shallow pan and constantly shake the beans by holding the handle. Make sure to turn the fan or open your windows, so the smoke detector doesn’t go off.
  3. Pour the roasted coffee onto a plate to cool

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