How to make coffee taste different


I am not against adding cream and sugar to your coffee; however, I have one surprising addition for those who are looking for a little exotic flavor. A spice that I sometimes add when I make coffee is clove. A couple of lightly roasted cloves per ¼ cup of coffee is sufficient to attain the desired flavor. In order to ensure that the cloves are not burnt, they must be added 20 seconds before the coffee is finished roasting. If you are not roasting your own coffee at home, just roast the cloves for 30 seconds and add it to the coffee beans right before grinding.

Cloves are the unopened pink flower buds of the evergreen clove tree and they provide uniquely sweet and aromatic teste to the coffee. Cloves are high in manganese and also contain vitamin K, fiber, iron, magnesium, and calcium. They have a very hard exterior and an oily compound that is crucial to their flavor and nutrition is stored in their flesh. Because of their significant amount of an active component called eugenol, cloves offer many health benefits, which includes having antibacterial properties and providing aid in digestion. Therefore, in addition to providing a unique test, adding cloves to your coffee will offers further health benefits.

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