Burr coffee grinder
Burr coffee grinder

Buying pre-ground coffee many seem ideal for saving time, but most people don’t realize that all the flavor of a ground coffee has already been lost after being on the shelf for weeks. Because coffee stales faster once it is grounded, whether you roast your coffee at home or buy roasted coffee, make sure to use it right after grinding.

Since grinding coffee correctly is extremely important, avoid using blade grinder because it will not give a consistent texture. The texture resulted from blade grinder would be anywhere from fine to chunks and those that are fine will brew together with the medium and chunks, which they will over extract resulting a bitter flavor.

Coffee texture
Different coffee texture

The best grinder to use would be burr grinder. The advantage of using burr grinder is that it grinds the
beans to uniform particles and you also have control over the kind of texture you need. The problem with the texture though is that it is not easy to explain how coarse, medium and fine grinds should look like. It is always subjective; what I call medium texture could be a fine texture for someone else. So, see the picture to the right for a simple guide of what I call a medium. Regardless, burr grinder will give you an even texture, which will provide an even extraction during the brewing process resulting the best coffee ever.

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