The History of Coffee


How did coffee start?

The coffee plant originally discovered in East Africa. According to legend, a goat herder named Kaldi first noticed his goats were acting extremely active after chewing on the coffee bushes. Kaldi then told his observation to the abbot of the local monastery. The abbot made a drink with the berries that kept him awake for many hours through the evening prayer. Then, the knowledge of the energizing berries began to spread.

In the 15th century, coffee drinking was evidenced in Yemen. Then, it quickly spread to Egypt and North Africa. By the end of 16th century, it spread to the rest of the Middle East, Persia, Turkey and Italy and the rest of Europe soon after and then coffee reached to North America in 1668.

Today coffee is ubiquitous and is the most consumed popular drink in the world. Coffee is not just a drink, it is a passion, a science, an art, an economy, and a culture. No matter where you stand even if you are a coffee expert, there is always a lot more to learn about coffee.

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